An update from the first step of the staircase

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WOW. Two big posts down. I have more than met my word requirements goals for the first two days, but the regularity is still something that intimidates me. I never thought having a blog would encourage me to write so much. I have around 1,200 words down on my first big story – already exceeding my goal for something due more than a week out. I can comfortably say the writing portion of the blog is going well.

The blogging portion, however, is much harder than I expected. I realized that I didn’t remember nearly as much CSS as I thought I would, so here I am stuck using the basic themes, formats, and tools of WordPress – which aren’t bad by any means, but I can’t wait to get up to speed and make my site and posts really sparkle. Time to get back on Youtube and re-earn my unofficial web design certification.

In other news, I finished most of the short stories from Steven King’s Different Seasons, and I think I finally understand what it means to be a horror fan. In his stories, things are mostly okay until something is just a little bit too off, but that something can be grisly and terrifying, and it definitely won’t make enough sense to brush off. You’ll be shifting uncomfortably while rehashing the story in your head for at least a few days after you finish. I highly recommend “The Breathing Method”.

I’m also wanting to go on a little self-improvement kick as I start this blog off; I’m thinking of reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Let me know if you have any recommendations for similar books.

I hope to publish some actual story writing of mine in the next few days and I’m excited to get some feedback. Thank you to all who have tuned in so far, I hope to keep seeing your faces (gravatars?)! And happy Friday.

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